The Foundation Years: 2010/12/03

Preventing Poor Children Becoming Poor Adults

“…There are considerable grounds for optimism. Trends in the wider society are moving in a direction that supports the thrust of this Review’s proposals. The work that Geoff Dench submitted to the Review looks at what mothers themselves think or do, rather than having their view distorted by interest groups.

The circumstances that made them most happy and contented are having a husband or partner in work so that they can combine their work and their family responsibilities in a pattern that gives primacy to their families. This model that favours the best nurturing of children is quietly advancing. Dench’s research, like that of Rowthorn and Webster, points to the importance of male employment rates to family formation and stability. Most families do not escape poverty from working unless one member of the household works full-time.”

Frank Field
The Foundation Years’ pp 24/25

A new strategy to meet the Government’s target of abolishing child poverty is detailed in the report, The Foundation Years: Preventing Poor Children Becoming Poor Adults. The report was published by the Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances, conducted by Frank Field on 3rd December 2010.

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