Grandparents Report

Geoff Dench has contributed to a recent report for Grandparents Plus published in June 2009 which digests findings from the British Social Attitudes Survey…

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Daily Mail: 2010/02/18

Sunday Times: 2010/03/07

Unwanted men, we need you to curb the welfare Amazons

Minette Marrin
Are men surplus to requirements? The answer, after more than half a century of feminism and the welfare state, depends largely on class. Read more

The Foundation Years: 2010/12/03

Preventing Poor Children Becoming Poor Adults

“…There are considerable grounds for optimism. Trends in the wider society are moving in a direction that supports the thrust of this Review’s proposals. The work that Geoff Dench submitted to the Review looks at what mothers themselves think or do, rather than having their view distorted by interest groups.

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Sunday Times: 2011/02/06

Trust a woman to get a man working

The housewife has a more productive role than we may suspect… writes Geoff Dench

A few weeks ago the coalition government proudly unveiled its equal opportunity credentials. But my research suggests that if it seriously wants to heal broken British society and to rein in the runaway cost of the welfare state, what it should be doing is conduct a thorough and critical audit of the consequences of existing equal opportunities policies. Read more